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'I do' learn songs for your ceremony!

One of the most common questions I get when talking with a new couple is “can you learn this song for our ceremony?”

The answer is YES!

Couple’s often forget that there is generally three songs that are required for a ceremony. 

  1. Walking down the isle 
  2. Signing of the Registry 
  3. Leaving the ceremony 

It’s important that you choose three songs, no one likes awkward silence…especially at a wedding ceremony. 


The song you chose to walk down the isle to is probably the most important out of the three, so decide on this one first. Choose a song that you love which meaningful to you. Don't feel like you have to pick a “wedding song” or a song three of your girl friends chose for their ceremony. This is your wedding, do it your way.

Signing of the registry is a time where your guests watch you sign a piece of paper…this isn’t the most thrilling experience. I’ve found that upbeat and fun songs work best during this time. My dream as a wedding ceremony singer is to have the entire wedding party up singing and dancing to celebrate the newlyweds. 💃 🕺

Leave your ceremony and enter married life in style. Consider choosing another upbeat and fun song! You’ve already mastered the act of walking down the isle, so dance your way out into the best night of your new life together as husband and wife! 

If you cant decide on songs, i'd love to help you choose! Check out my song list

*my hot tip*

Your wedding ceremony is a special moment in your life. Make it unique, make it memorable and make it you. CHOOSE SONGS YOU LOVE!

You don’t have to choose the latest Ed Sheeran love song...unless he shows up at your ceremony! 😂

Happy song choosing 🎶