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A few things you might be able to go without at your Wedding Reception.

There are some things you need at your wedding reception and there are some things you can go without... 


Most wedding receptions have a formal three course meal which works perfectly in so many instances. But we've all been to so many weddings that feel the same, with the same boring table arrangements, so why not mix it up? Why not ditch the tables? I’m a big believer in questioning standard practices and finding alternatives which can work better!

I recently performed at a wedding where there were no tables. Thats right, none! It was a stand up wedding. Delicious tapas and entree style food was served, coupled with amazing cocktails and drinks. It was a true party and a great celebration of marriage for the newlyweds. I played with the trio and the guests all had an absolute ball spending the majority of the night on the dance floor busting moves I had never seen before. 

Drunk guests ❌ 

A wedding is a celebration, and celebrating is required at a wedding right? Sure, have a few drinks and let your hair down, you deserve it! Unfortunately some guests can over indulge in the bar tab and end up making a fool of themselves. We’ve all had nights out where our drunk friend has ruined the night for everyone. Don’t let that person ruin your wedding. Don't invite them... Ditch em’ before they become a problem. 

Heels  👠

I’ve never had the pleasure of wearing a pair of heels for an entire day. a man can only imagine how uncomfortable they actually are after 10 minutes, never mind an entire day! Now I know they look amazing but at your reception you want to be comfortable, right?


I performed at a wedding at Maleny Manor last year and the bride slipped on an unsuspecting pair of white connies after the ceremony. She was literally running around at her wedding and having the best time. I kindly asked her why she ditched her heels and she simply said, "i want to be comfy, it's my wedding day."  👌🏻 👏🏼

So maybe you could consider ditching these few things for your wedding day... Mix it up, Make it work!